Quick Specs

  • Unisex Sizing / Standard Tee Fit
  • 90/10 airlume combed and ringspun cotton/polyester


Please email online.orders@dapperink.com with any questions about shirts or orders.

Raglin Greenville Matchbook Tee

  • Free Exchanges and Returns Under 45 Days - Unwashed/Unworn Condition


    • This tee doesn’t fit me just right.
    • I was sent the wrong item / my item is defective.
    • I found a different design of the same product I want instead.
    • I just don't want it anymore.


    We will take care of it! Please reach out to customer service at online.orders@dapperink.com with your order number, and we will email you a prepaid return label.


    We Do Not Accept Returns After 45 days


    In the unlikely event that your product becomes defective (outside of normal wear and tear), we will gladly issue you store credit. Please send photos of the defect to our customer service at online.orders@dapperink.com, and we'll be glad to make it right!

  • How to Care for Your Tee

    We get it, you want to wear your Dapper tee every chance you get.  Although your t-shirt will inevitably show some wear and tear as the years go by (and we urge you to cherish these signs of continual devotion), there are some ways to extend the life of your t-shirt. So if you’re wondering how to care for a screen-printed t-shirt properly, here are some tried-and-true tips and tricks.

    1. Stick with cold water.

    Hot water is very harsh and typically unnecessary. By using cold water, you’ll be treating your tees to a gentler bath and preventing unnecessary strain. Plus, you’ll use less electricity, reducing your impact on the environment and lowering your utility bill!

    2. Avoid harsh cleaning products.

    Put away the bleach and avoid harsh detergents. Like hot water, they aren’t needed and they may slowly destroy the condition of your t-shirts. Instead, find a gentle detergent and use a basic (no bleach) stain remover when necessary.

    3. Turn your tees inside out.

    It only takes a moment to turn your screen-printed tees inside out before placing them in the washing machine (or under a hot iron), but this simple step will reduce fading and stress. If the quality of the screen-printed design is important to you, reduce its contact with the washing machine to ensure that the ink won’t be strained. Speaking of which . . .

    4. Don’t wash after every use.

    Some of you are probably recoiling in disgust right now, but remember that every time you wash and dry your clothes, you’re speeding up the aging process. If your t-shirt is truly dirty (i.e., there is visible dirt, a stain, or a smell), wash it. If not, fold it back up and return it to your closet.

    5. Dry on low heat.

    Heat is your t-shirt’s worst enemy. In addition to avoiding hot water, keep your tee away from high-heat dryer settings. Instead, tumble dry low to prevent damage as well as shrinkage.





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